Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Would you like some coffee?" Erika always answers, "Yes."

Erika's favorite experiences in Finland after 10 days:

1. Coffee breaks complete with pastries and pulla every two hours, almost to the second.
2. Meeting elementary aged-kids in schools, getting fantastic tours of the school buildings from the teaching staff, and becoming more and more aware of how unique and special the education system is here in Finland.
3. Finding a natural ability to play Finnish darts.  (I am not sure how useful throwing darts upside-down, between your legs really is, but if you are in need of this service I can help you out.)
4. Attending a jazz concert by Jo Stance.  Definitely worth a listen.  www.jostance.com  (Thank you so much Perrti!)
5. Being welcomed into homes by our Rotarian host families, and treated so very well.
6. Being so tired that experiences  or conversations shared between our team become so funny we are in tears.  (Lee, thank you for supporting my sometimes inappropriate humor, and Sarah thanks for getting locked in Timo and Paivi's car with me.)
7. Waking up to snow covered trees on Sunday morning in Seinäjoki.  It was like waking up in a snow globe.
8.  Annuka's 5 second lesson to try and teach me how to roll my R's.  (I may be a lost cause, but I am going to try and accomplish this by the end of the trip.)
9. Saying kyllä.
10. Going into 0˚ C lake water after sauna literally takes your breath away so you can't swear at the ridiculous cold water even if you want to, but internally, expletives are flying like you wouldn't believe.  And then Karl does the best dinosaur/T-Rex impression. (Note: We returned to the water about 3 or 4 times, we liked it so much.)

Post-ice swimming one big happy Kansas family picture!!

 Lee and Sarah enjoying our caravan camper ride back to Kauhajoki!

 Cheese tasting in Juustoportii, yum!

Easter witch art projects in schools we have visited this week.

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