Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finland Misses Kansas -- Dorothy is Sledding

What day is it today?  Mikä päivä tänään on?   May 2, 2013  -- Today, it is snowing in Kansas.  This is extremely unusual, as in this happens 4 times or so on May 2nd every 200 hundred years.  Why is that?  Two possibilities: (1) God is confused because the Kansas City Royals are in 1st place in the AL Central, so he decided to make it snow; or (2) the weather is expressing that it misses the Finnish GSE Team and the Skandi-Kans.    Unfortuantely, it will not be cold enough to freeze a river/lake so that I can jump in a sauna, jump in the freezing water, and then have a drink with my friends.   

Hard to see from my window, but this is we wait for the angry birds.