Friday, March 30, 2012


Vaasa and its people continue the streak .....warm weclome, a cup of coffee, and a pastry. We are all prepared to purchase new clothing prior to our departure & have a Finnish (first and last name) for our respective ulcers.

Seriously, we have been met with tremendous hospitality and we thank Vaasa for its kindness. I had several points to discuss about Vaasa, but my internet connection kicked me off of the last post and did not allow me to save what I had prepared. I will post it when I have additional time. So before I get booted again, I want to use this post to thank my current and former hosts for all of the great times and education...... the Finnish White Wine, spicy meat balls, (MAA-mi), sauna and hot springs, lessons on legal structure, real estate finance, Finnish television and music, and a special thanks to our *Little Savior* for preventing broken bones on the giant mountain Karl and I *navigated* skiiing with pure style and grace.

A shout out to Henry for teaching me Arabic, Italian, and a little Swedish this evening, with some interesting history stories to follow. A huge thanks to his wife Maiya-Liisa, for being an incredible cook, yet taking the time to walk with me, so I don't blow up like the marshmellow man from Ghostbusters.

I am off to bed and ROCK CHALK!!!

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