Monday, April 2, 2012

The Skinny on Vaasa

Located right on the sea of western Finland, saying that Vaasa is a beautiful city is an understatement.  (Especially when you are on a run along the sea while it’s snowing.  Sunday for me!) The city was founded in 1606 but the original, almost entirely wooden, town unfortunately burred down in 1852.  The city was relocated closer to the sea, in it’s present day location and was re-established in 1862. 

Just considering my profession alone, one of the things that I was obviously “Awww-ed” with was the city’s juxtaposition of old and new.  The city is a huge mixture of 200-year-old buildings and 5-year-old buildings right next to one another.  This integration of new amongst, and sometimes within, the old does not seem to be a disrespectful addition but honors and adds to the historical structures.   For example one of the finer examples of this is design esthetic can be seen in Vaasa’s Media City.  The advanced technical production company has made it’s home in Vaasa’s old abandoned textile mill from the early 1900’s.  The remodel is sleek, simple, and modern, but it’s integrated with the raw industrial features of the old mill.  Each aspect works with the other and provides compliment. 

Vaasa’s professional companies are not the only ones taking full advantage of all the old buildings in the city.  Vaasa real estate has also drank the Kool-Aid, and it tastes just as good.  Brand new state of the art condos can be found in an old family owned manor overlooking the sea, as well as Vaasa’s old abandoned army barracks. Karl and I are both ready to move in!

To sum it up Vaasa is design conscious as a whole.  From the unique buildings and their interiors scattered around the city, to the cups and saucers we drink our 18th cup of coffee of the day.  Design is everywhere, it’s important, honored, and appreciated…and frankly. It’s nice to see!
 Interior Courtyard at Media City

 Hallway at Media City, a clear contrast

 The snowy sea from my Sunday evening run

 Staircase of the Vaasa Court of Appeals building with the sea beyond

 Karl posting tonight as well...GSE team motto...we work with what we have!! 

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  1. Excellent post Sarah! Sarah says she is not a writer, but beautifully done!