Monday, April 2, 2012


Tuesday April 3, 2012 (approaching breakfast time in Finland, late Monday evening Kansas time).

Alavus, Finland, 4:23 am tip time. Two computers, one iPad, and five eager Kansans in the newly-remodeled Hotelli Liesu.

The beer and grape long drinks and Coke Zero were on ice in the shower. Lucky shirts were worn—some of them even recently laundered.

Some things are universal—Cinderella’s slipper doesn’t; always fit, and “I.T. is I.T., in any language,” and it doesn’t always work. Our team’s technology component has been flawless so far, thank you, Erika. We have, however, watched and listened to many PowerPoint presentations boot up, or even better, waited as the presenter clicked and searched for it.

Tonight/this morning we enjoyed the National Championship game, but maybe only saw 50% of it. We saw a lot of blank screen and video buffering. We had a nice morning, with Erika running a direct pipeline to Lawrence, Lee neurotically hedging his bets, Karl recalling his high school sophomore year glory, and Sarah joining us once her alarm made the conversion from Missouri time.

There is one real winner here—Lee won his big pool…by predicting a Kentucky win. We should have seen it coming, when he donned the Russian Army hat in the Finnish war museum. He will not soon live this down, at least not in the next two weeks, Komrade. 

Tuesday looks to be a great day. The early fog is clearing from snow-covered Lake Alavus, and I smell bacon, eggs and coffee downstairs. We’re on to the Lapuanjokivarsi area in a couple hours, after an almost-American breakfast, and a thirty minute nap.

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