Friday, February 24, 2012

Buttoning Up

Preparation involves practice and practice leads to perfection….

Team Kansas will be delivering a presentation to every Rotary Club it visits in Finland. A significant portion of our preparation has been dedicated to developing the content, theme and layout of the presentation. The goal is to educate Finnish Rotary clubs about Kansas & how Rotary makes an impact locally.

Thanks to the brilliant work of Erika Eden and Sarah Graham, the presentation is in final form. Here are a few pictures from our last practice run before our presentation at the Village West Rotary Club in Kansas City, Kansas.

Karl is also our fashion representative, trying on the Blazer that will become part of our signature outfits

Sarah, Erika and Lee working on translating words from English to Finnish. All of us have a great appreciation of the complexity of the Finnish language. Using Google translate, we were able to figure out that none of us would become fluent prior to the trip. (P.S. Mashed Potatoes)

This is Adam explaining to Sarah Graham the reasons why Kansas is better than Missouri. More specifically, Adam is outlining the 10 reasons why the Jayhawks will defeat the Tigers this weekend at Allen Fieldhouse. OK, OK....this was Adam practicing the introduction of our presentation. Adam will cover details about District 5710 and introduce the group.


  1. Really wish that one point difference would have been on another score! My comeback was I have to eat my words. :(

  2. I leave the team and now you guys have beer at the meetings? :)

    Miss you guys and have been thinking about you! Couldn't think of a better group to represent KS and Rotary. Looking forward to following the blog!